Expertise in International Commercial Law

Indonesia has bigger challenges due to implementation of some multilateral and bilateral agreements with other countries. Firstly, ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2016. Indonesia has been included in regional economic vortex into a single market, and it certainly impacts on increasing the volume of trade between countries in the ASEAN region. Secondly, in October 2015, President Joko Widodo also declared that the government has agreed to join Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). TPP will obviously put Indonesia in a single market with countries that make up one-fourth of the global trade market. Thirdly, an agreement on comprehensive partnership between Indonesia and the Netherlands, which enhance relations to further extend cooperation in many fields.

Enforcement of AEC, TPP and comprehensive partnership can indeed be a boost to the national economy. However, on the legal side, it has the potential to increase legal risks and trade disputes among governments/ enterprises/ individuals from different countries, including Indonesia. These has been proven in recent times.

Therefore, those agreements prove that international commercial law has an significant relevance for Indonesia because international commercial law has become a vital instrument to bridge national and trans-border business transactions and to resolve legal disputes.


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