Vredeburg Fortress Museum

I would like to tell about Vredeburg Fortress museum, which is a former dutch colonial fortress in Yogyakarta.

This musemum is located in the zero kilometer area of city of yogyakarta. Precisely in malioboro street yogyakarta. The location is very strategic, so the tourists can easily visit this museum. Approximately 500 meters from Beringharjo Market.

This fortress was a center of government and the defense of dutch governor at the time. The fort is surounded by a moat that can still be seen until now. When I went to this museum, I always thought that I was travelling to the past and this fortress musem was my time machine.

The museum also has many collections to be seen. There are soldier’s outfit, weapons, manuscript and dioramas. Those can remind us about Independence movement of Indonesia in Yogyakarta.


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