Naughty Student

I would like to describe something naughty that I did when I was child. That was cheating.

I cheated in a test at junior high school by looking at the answer in my book under the table.

It was about 13 years old, it was a geographic lesson. The question asked about the types of horses in Indonesia. Unfortunately, the teacher was a senior teacher, so he easily found me out cheating in the test.

I had not prepared well for the test, I did not want to fail and have to retake the test. At that time Geographic lesson was not my interest, so I was not really keen on studying the test materials.

The teacher caught me, but he did not tell my parents. I just got punishment to  degrade my score for 2 points. For example, If I get 9 for the result, the teacher will take note my mark as 7.


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