Idul Fitri/Lebaran

Describe a festival that is important in your country. When the festival occurs? What you did during it? What you like or dislike about it? And explain why this festival is important?

I would like to tell about Idul Fitri in Indonesia. Idul Fitri is one of the special religious observances for Muslims. Sometimes we call it Lebaran in Indonesia. It usually occurs at the end of the month of Ramadhan.

This is the time when I visit my extended family and friends to ask for forgiveness for any wrongs I have committed in the previous year. I express this wish in the phrase “forgive me from the bottom of my heart for my wrongdoings in the past year”.

I really like this time because we will have a lot of traditional food, family and friends gather to ask forgiveness and exchange greetings, new cloths are worn and sometimes we go to recreational park.

This festival is so important because we celebrate the succesful completion of the fasting month. Many groups will held halal bil halal gatherings where employees from a company, friends, colleagues or members of an organization gather to share a meal and ask each other’s forgiveness. Non-Muslims are often invited to participate in these festive gatherings also.


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