Coca cola Advertisements

Describe an interesting advertisement that you have seen. You should say. Where you saw it? What it was about? Why you think it was an interesting advertisement?

I would like to tell about an advertisement for coca-cola from coca cola company, which is one of the biggest brands in the world. I’ve seen Coca cola advertised everywhere, on posters and TV Commercials.

The adverts are about Coca-Cola replacing its branding with popular first names in Indonesia. Names were chosen to represent a cross-section of the Indonesian population.

I found the adverts is very interesting because the company deliberately trying to influence and attract young people. The marketers are trying to capture teenagers in Indonesia  The 150 most popular first names of the Indonesia population were printed on the bottle labels, so that consumers can find their friends’ and family members’ names to enjoy sharing a Coke together. They can feel that the coca cola bottles was intended for them.


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