Remote-controlled Car

Describe a toy that was special to you when you were child. When you got it? What it looked like? Who gave it to you? And how you used it or played with it?

One special toy that I remember getting was a remote-controlled car. I got it when I was probably about 6 or 7 years old.

It was Red in colour. It had an antenna on its back side. It had also headlights which could be turned on & off. It used to run on battery.  The body material was good with hard plastic, and there are rubber tires in the wheels so it run well in my floor.

My parents gave it to me when we were living in Sukoharjo. I think it was an expensive toy in that time.

It has a radio control that allows me to steer the car in any direction. It could move forward or back, and it also could be veered right and left to avoid block. I think It run fast and looked pretty decent.

Above all, this toy was one of my best part of my childhood stage.


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