Suren Starling Bird

Suren Starlings BirdDescribe A wild animal from your country. What the animal is and what it looks like? Where it lives? And explain how people in your country (or you) feel about this animal?

I would like to tell about Suren Starling Bird which is a wild bird that is common in Indonesia. The Suren starling Bird is a medium-size bird, and has certain characteristics especially related to its colour. It has black and white as dominant colour, black in its chest throat and upper body and white in its fore head, cheeks and belly. While hairless skin around the eyes is orange. It has gray iris, red beak with white tip and yellow legs.

It lives mainly in the lowlands, but can also be found in the foothills. These birds mainly found in the area near open waters. As with other types of starlings, birds chose the tree hole to stay. In Indonesia, the main spread of these species are found in Java and Sumatra Island.

Suren starling birds tend to be regarded as beneficial by the farmers because these birds prey on insects that can damage crops. The starlings ability to imitate the human voice makes them popular as pet birds. It is also used as a house keeper bird. This is probably because this bird is very sensitive. If there are people who come into the house, it will sing out loud and varied.


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