Museums: Should be Educational or Enjoyable?

Some people think that museums should be enjoyable places to entertain people, while others believe that the purpose of the museums is to educate. What do you  think?

People have different views about the function of museums. In my opinion, museum should be both entertaining and educational.

Firstly, I agree that one of the main functions of museums is to entertain. It is better for people coming to museums instead of cafe or bar to entertain themselves. Museums become tourist attractions which exhibit many amazing collections that they never know previously. The average visitors may become bored if they read or listen too much about educational content. So, museums should be designed visually spectacular and have interactive activities such as games, moving objects and historical show. For example, taman pintar in Yogyakarta. It offers a lot of attractions special for kids. They can study and play at the same time.  In this kind of museum, kids learn about science and technology with professional guide who have really understand about science and technology development.

Secondly, the next function is to educate. Museums should teach the visitors something that they do not know, and it should be based on true facts. The museums exhibit need to be explained about its historical background, and this can be done in various ways. In this way museums can play a role in teaching people about culture, history and many other aspects of life. For example, museum of yogyakarta’s palace. It is the best place to study about historical background of Indonesia before independence day. There are many relics of old kingdom that ever conquer wide territory and struggle fighting against Dutch soldiers.

Briefly, good museums should be educational and enjoyable, so people can be attracted and stay there longer to learn new insights from the exhibits.


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