School Site

The diagrams below show the site of a school in 2004 and the plan for changes to the school site in 2024.


The two pictures compare the layout of a school in the year 2004 and proposed site design for the year 2024.

It is obvious that the significant change for 2024 involves the addition of a school building. Then school will be able to accommodate larger number of students.

In 2004 there were 600 pupils attending the school, and the two school buildings we separated by a path running from main entrance to the sports field. By 2024. It is expected there will be 1000 pupils, and the third building of the school will have been constructed. Furthermore, the plan are to join the two original building and to shorten path that connects three school buildings.

There will be a second car park beside the third school building, and it is linked with main entrance by a road in the south of school buildings. The sports field will be smaller and located in the south of second car park. Finally, no changes will be made in the original car park or the first car park.


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