Success and Luck

People succeed because of their hard work; luck has nothing to do with success. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Some people argue that success in their career is a result of their hard work and, there is no other factor besides of it. While I believe that success has closely related with luck. More people also believe that hard work should be combined with luck to get maximum outcomes.

Frequently, people have tried to do their best but the results do not happen as their expectations. There are many things that people do for being successful in life, especially in their career. People spend much time to work as hard as they can and as much as they are able. They push themself to get wealth or good status. They see success as the result of hard work, but unfortunately reality says other. For example, farmers have worked hard for their life in rice fields, and without luck they will get nothing but weary.

However, since the dawn of time, luck can make results of their hard work to be the best. Luck is also important to support their hard work. With combination of hard work and luck, people will pursue their dreams early. Every human has their own luck and their own fate but they have to still try. For instance, the farmers who get luck will be wealthy with the good outcomes of the rice field, so they can buy their needs or even help others who need.

In conclusion, I belive that succes is not only about how hard we try but also our luck. People have different fates, so they should respect the process not just result.


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