Global Warming

To train my writing skill, I would like to write about Global Warming in a simple note. Let’s start with a question : Global warming is one of the most serious issues that the world is facing today. What are the causes of global warming and what measures can governments and individuals take a tackle the issue?

Today’s the most crucial problem in the Earth is Global Warming. Many people know it can affect many things in life, but we should reduce it in order to keep this humankind stay alive.

Global warming happens because gases such as carbon dioxide trap heat from the sun, as a result global temperature will rise above average. This process is also known as greenhouse effect. Human activity is main factor in the rise of greenhouse gases. For example, Many factories and vehicles produce emissions and exhaust fumes, the number of cars on our streets and cheap air travel which allow more people to fly. Global warming has a significant impact on our planet. Rising temperature will cause melting of the polar ice caps, and sea levels will rise. Additionally, we can expect more extreme weather conditions especially more common flooding and drougt.

This serious problem should be prevented in order to stay healthy and safe. Governments should colaborate with society to take several measures. In this case, goverments could introduce laws to limit emissions from factories by imposing “green taxes” on drivers and airlines companies. They should also invest in renewable energy froms solar, wind or water power. Besides, in individual level, individuals should also try to be greener, take fewer flights abroad for holidays and take public transport rather than driving.

After all, global warming can be very dangerous if we do not prevent it as early as possible. The effective measures to prevent it is to combine both Governments and individuals level.


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