What is primary purpose of higher education?

People have different views about the primary purpose of higher education whether focus on vocational skills or knowledge for sake of students. In my view, I argue that the higher education should fulfil both purposes because those are important for students and business sector.

It is important to give working skill to students because it will prepare them earlier facing future careers. The students will seek a job based on their fields once graduated from the universities. Thus, an vocational institution will become their first stepping stone for all graduates. The working skill and knowledge will help them to adapt smoothly while, the company will not be burdened with cost of trainings. For example, Universitas Gadjah Mada in Indonesia provides vocational school and the graduates will get diploma degree. It offers various major which lead a student get a particular job such as Japanese Language, Remote Sensing, Electrical Enginering, etc.

Furthermore, the universities should also provide knowledge without concerning demand of companies. University step is important part that educate students to think creatively and criticaly. They can access all of fields what they want to work in. Therefore, the universities should provide various knowledge and let the students choose according to their passion. For example, Universitas Gadjah Mada also provides high level of knowledge like philosophy. It is obvious that in philosophy we only learn how to think without concerning useful or not in work place. In addition, this major can compatible with all fields of work because it supports thingking in global perspective and producing proper solutions of any problems.

In conclusion, both types of function must be provided by universities. The students naturally will follow their desire to get proper jobs in the future.


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