Personal Profile

profilTaufiq Adiyanto was born on July 14th, 1991 in Sukoharjo from spouse Wijiyanto and Sulastri. His parents was originally come from Klaten. They moved to Sukoharjo because his mother was accepted as a teacher in Sukoharjo. Accompaniying his parents, Taufiq spended his early six years in this town, from baby to pre-schooler. Then he followed his parents moved to klaten because his mother got work dispensation that allowed her back to her hometown.

Back in klaten, his parents registered him into the kindergarten school near with his home, TK Aisyiah Bustanul Atfal. Graduated form kindergarten, he continued his elementary school in SD N 1 Karanganom which is still in his own village. His education still continued after elementary school to SMP N 4 KLATEN. In this junior high school he learned a lot about friendship and simplicity because students average from middle-low economic and have common behaviour. Finished his study in Junior high school in 2006, Taufiq accepted in senior high school, SMA N 1 KLATEN. In this senior high school, he passed with struggle because he must finished his study only two years.

Soon after graduated from SMA 1 Klaten in 2008, he advanced his study to university level. He entered Faculty of Law in Universitas Gadjah Mada. During his study, Taufiq did many activities such as participated in some competitions, namely law debate and papers. He conducted some law researches that can be with his lecturer or his friends. He followed some student organisations in university or faculty level, and the last, he also conducted some community service in some places like Yogyakarta or West Papua.

Graduated in 2014, he steadily decided to follow a law firm to train his legal skill especially in practical field. In law firm, he usually handle business cases, inheritance case, criminal case, and so on. Becoming advocate is one of his dream after graduated from faculty of law. He already finished his advocate education and profession examination of advocate. He started his advocate career with SAFE Law Firm Yogyakarta and now he is working as Junior Associate. And also he joined to a research institution in Faculty of Law, Center of Regulatory Impact and Regional Autonomy Studies. As one of research institution, it often cooperates with local government or local parlianment. He worked in this institution, mostly, as legislative drafter and until now he produced some of Local Regulations in Yogyakarta.

In the future he intend to work as a lecturer and advocate. He wishes his profession as a lecturer and advocate can be coexistence that make mutual benefit one and another.


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